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One question I sometimes get by an inquiring bride is: have you ever photographed a wedding at my venue before?

And this is an answer I’m so passionate about because I can tell you that IT DOESN’T MATTER. Here is my reasoning why it absolutely isn’t a deciding factor or a matter of importance if the photographer you’re interested in hasn’t shot there before.

I get so giddy when I get the chance to photograph at a new venue. It’s fun photographing weddings in new areas and meeting the venue team and getting the chance to flex our creative muscles to find the most stunning portrait locations!

Why it truly doesn’t matter is the reason that the photographer you’re inquiring with (as long as they’re a professional photographer) has invested so much time into EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE on finding beautiful light, knowing what equipment and settings to use for various scenarios like a First Look during noon, golden hour bride & groom portrait time, to a dimly lit reception area. We’re professionals, we know how to create beautiful images no matter the location. It takes time and experience to do this but we’ve got it down pat! From a venue we’ve photographed at 10 times before to a brand new venue we’ve never visited. Lighting is key and I’ve developed my style throughout years of experience to find the same kind of light no matter the location, whether it be in my backyard with my kids, at the beach, at a high end venue, a barn and everything in between!

The experience is another great thing. The more venues your photographer has visited, that means they’ve had to photograph with their signature style and it stays consistent, no matter the type of venue! They’ve handled obstacles like woods at one venue and not a single tree in sight at another venue. Lighting scenarios like clouds and sun and sometimes both at one wedding! Dark receptions that require flash and brightly lit receptions that don’t need flash. If their work stays consistent, that just means they can definitely handle your venue without having been there before.

Your photos will be more creative just because we’d never been there before! Sometimes when you photograph at a particular location a few times, you settle into a routine and you hit up the same locations, the images start to look the same at this often-visited venue. But being at a new venue gives me the chance to get creative and look for locations that sometimes others might not have thought of, creating beautiful portraits that look unique to your own wedding day!

My brides have chosen me because of my editing style and personality and Wedding Experience. If you’re in love with a photographer’s style and personality, go for it! Trust that they are pros at what they do! Trust that they can have the free reign to get creative with your portrait locations, that they know how to find beautiful lighting or know how to create images you love in darker indoor areas.

Here’s some examples of my own work at venues I’d NEVER shot a wedding at before- until the actual wedding day!

Ashley & Ben – Oakdale | Ashland, VA

Cameron & Bryce – The Barns of Kanak | Prince George, VA

Mallory & Josh – Agave Estates | Katy, TX


I hope this gives you confidence in the photographer you’re loving and please don’t just cross someone off your list just because they’ve never shot at your venue before. It’s a missed opportunity for fresh eyes and a new perspective on locations, lighting and gorgeous images just for YOU! 🙂



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FAQ: Have You Shot At My Venue Before?