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When we speak about duality in the world of Virginia boudoir photography, it’s not just about the garments or props we use – it’s about capturing the multifaceted beauty of every woman. Ms. J’s session was a testament to this philosophy.

J wanted a bridal boudoir session to give as a wedding day gift to her fiance (who was THRILLED with the gift) and as a RVA wedding photographer, I absolutely love getting to work with brides whether it be on the wedding day or for a boudoir session. She brought a gorgeous nude/peach lace robe and bodysuit with her and I was obsessed with the Renaissance vibes we were getting.

And just when I thought the session couldn’t get any more enchanting, out came the black lace bodysuit. It was as if we had transitioned from a romantic ballad to a sultry jazz number. The boldness of black lace against the softness of her previous attire added the perfect amount of variety to her boudoir album.

Ms. J’s session was a stunning reminder that our boudoir sessions can be an exploration of contrasts, a journey through different shades of femininity. From the angelic touch of a cathedral veil to the bold assertion of a lace bodysuit, every piece tells a story.

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Ms. J | Fine Art Bridal Boudoir Session