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It’s that moment when your soft, delicate, romantic, whimsical side AND your edgy, badass biker babe side meet in a story of two aesthetics for Virginia boudoir photography.

Ms. T and I already knew we were going to incorporate flowers into her boudoir session and I had just gotten my brand new lavender tulle robe in as the newest addition to our curated client closet that I HAD to get photos with. She arrived into the studio wearing a pair of biker boots, jeans and a leather jacket. I knew immediately that we also had to incorporate her leather jacket in one of her looks and she was so down!

It was a multi-aesthetic boudoir session. I had her jump into her leather jacket, a pair of fishnet tights with a sparkly garter belt she brought herself and a rhinestone studded fishnet bodysuit from the client closet. I didn’t even have to tell her how to look, she brought out the badass biker babe vibes naturally and we rolled with it.

By the end of the session we’d also transitioned into our soft whimsical vibe with the tulle robe I joked as my Speak Now eras robe and a white teddy that she brought with her.

The vibes were immaculate, there was plenty of laughter and the juxtaposition of the leather, flowers, tulle, lace all in one session was a fun change!

This to say that your luxury boudoir session can truly be whatever you want it to be. You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself into an only-lingerie box, wear the leather jacket. Put on a bougie tulle robe. Include flowers or your beat up pair of Doc Martens. The session is yours, the possibilities are endless and the creativity absolutely flows.

Want to see more images from this dual aesthetic boudoir session? Check it out in our private women-only Instagram!

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Ms. T | Soft & Edgy Virginia Boudoir Session