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One of my clients recently had a boudoir session with us and as we planned her session, she mentioned that she was a bride with an upcoming wedding this year and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! As a Richmond VA wedding photographer, I always love getting to play with veils on the wedding day so I was excited to do another Virginia bridal boudoir session.

As I was shopping days before the session for the flowers we’d include, I found cherry blossom branches and knew it would be absolutely magical. When the session day came, S decided to borrow a two piece white floral set from our client closet that just happened to match her floral veil perfectly! The veil added an element of sophistication and grace to the photos, and it brought out the bride’s inner beauty. The cherry blossoms added a touch of elegance to the shoot and the bright spring poppies and tulips added a fun pop of color!

Combining the wedding veil and cherry blossoms created a sense of romance and intimacy in the photos. Our client looked stunning, and the photos captured her beauty and grace perfectly. The veil and cherry blossoms also added a personal touch to the shoot, making it a truly unique experience for our client.

Bridal boudoir sessions are a such a great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding and to capture the beauty and essence of your wedding day. And incorporating personal touches, such as your wedding veil and favorite flowers, can make the experience even more magical. I encourage all brides to consider a bridal boudoir session and to incorporate their own personal touches into the shoot.

I might be biased, but whenever I can include flowers, bridal and boudoir into one thing, I just KNOW it’ll be magical.

If you’re a bride to be and want your own bridal boudoir session in our gorgeous natural light boudoir studio in Virginia, get in touch with me HERE!

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Ms. S | A Spring Bridal Boudoir Session