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Ah, Virginia. So many gorgeous locations for engagement sessions and now that the weather’s moved away from eternal winter and rainy/pollen filled spring, you can look forward to your Summer engagement session! But of course, it IS Virginia. You never know if it’s going to be 75 and sunny with a breeze or 95 and humid as all get out!

So keeping the weather in mind, what in the world do you wear for your summer engagement session?!

Here’s some of my tips on what to wear for your summer engagements, including some tips for the guys! 😉

Think Flowy and Light

The last thing you want is to be outside in 85+ degree weather in a heavy fabric or even something clingy like satin! The heavy fabric will feel so stuffy and the satin will find any trace of sweat on your body in 2.5 seconds. All year round (with the exception of Winter!) I recommend choosing a flowy and light material! Fabrics like chiffon are so light and flowy that they photograph so beautifully AND the super bonus of not feeling suffocating in the heat! (Cue the “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!” comments)

Likewise, for the guys, I do recommend layers and depending on the time of day, throwing on the blazer for the first few photos and then ditching it for the rest of the time. Or as the sun is setting, throwing it on for those quick few photos. Don’t worry grooms, I won’t make you suffer in a dress shirt AND blazer the WHOLE time. Just for a few quick photos!

Also for the guys, I’d recommend ditching any heavy material like wool and sticking with something lighter like cotton or linen!

Don’t be afraid to go short!

The long flowy dresses absolutely have my HEART but I know sometimes that’s not everyone’s style and the weather can play into things too. Throw on a cute tulle midi skirt with a flattering top and some classic heels and you’re ready for an engagement in the city, switch the shoes for barefeet or cute sandals and you’re all set for beach locations! My favorite tulle skirts are from Morning Lavender and their tops are just as lovely as their skirts.

Wrap Dresses and Rompers: Summer’s Best Outfits

I’m SO happy wrap dresses came back into style! They give you a defined waist and have the bonus of being so flowy on the bottom. Plus if it’s a true wrap dress, you can pull the dress over your leg for a slit effect and as some extra air flow 😉

Rompers are so cute and I LOVE wearing rompers during summertime! I don’t have to worry about coordinating a top and bottom, and it’s so easy to dress up a romper/jumpsuit!

The Extra Touch

There’s always ways to dress up your outfit to make it feel more summery and fun! Floppy hats are a fun way to add an extra touch to your outfit! Having freshly picked flowers in a cute straw bag makes for a bright pop of color and gives me all the spring and summer vibes! And depending on your location, packing a vintage style picnic would elevate your engagement session vibe and add an extra touch of adorableness!

Hope these tips help as you pick your engagement session outfit this summer! Engagement sessions in Virginia can be wild depending on the weather but you can have the perfect gorgeous outfit to wear, no matter the temperature outside! 😉

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