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I spent Monday afternoon with these two cuties at Maymont Park and let me tell you, it was the best time! Shirley and Jedi both told me at the beginning of their session that they’re not models, they’re not good with posing and then both went on to serve all the poses and looks the whole entire session! They were naturals!

I loved getting to meet them and chat life and wedding details. Shirley and Jedi both went to the same schools growing up and church but didn’t actually meet or start talking until they were both in nursing school at VCU. They began dating and one day Jedi had planned a horseback riding date at Shirley Plantation and had it planned out for a horseback ride throughout the property, had his dad hiding and blending in to snap a few photos! Their tour guide stopped to take their photo and Jedi popped the question to Shirley! She said yes and now looking forward to their wedding in September at Jedi’s family farm.

We explored the Japanese Garden at Maymont and headed back for an outfit change! When Shirley mentioned she had a boujie outfit planned, I knew I had to take photos of this and what a show stopper her second outfit change was!

Jedi and his family are Chinese and traditionally, the brides wear red so Shirley wanted to add a little bit of that by wearing this gorgeous red dress for their engagement photos! I loved hearing about the different customs and how they’re incorporating Chinese culture into their wedding planning.

These two were so fun and I loved editing through their photos! Here’s some of my favorites from their hot summer engagement session

I cannot WAIT for their September wedding and I’m even more excited that I get to see these two at two weddings! Their wedding in September and Jedi is actually the best man to another MJMP Groom, Jad! So I’ll be seeing them again at Jad & Julia’s wedding in October!

Fall actually can’t come fast enough!

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Shirley & Jedi | A Colorful Summer Engagement at Maymont Park