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I feel like I haven’t written a personal post in a really really long time. Between COVID-19 interfering with so many things from weddings to LIFE overall, this has been a pregnancy I won’t forget for sure.

I had my heart set so hard on taking family/maternity photos in Washington DC during the Cherry Blossom season but… we all know how the end of March turned out. I was majorly disappointed but decided to chin up and just wait a little bit until the virus blew over… 2 months in and the weeks kept on ticking down to this little girl’s arrival and I knew it was time now before I lost my chance.

The Barns of Kanak in Prince George, VA so graciously opened their arms for us to have a maternity session and I am so so thankful for everyone at the Barns for this! Not only is their wedding venue stunnnnnnnnning but it’s close to home on the just in case chance I went into labor during my photos!

And of course huge shout out to my basically photographer-other-half, Heather Lacey Photography for capturing this for us. I about cried flipping through the photos she got and while I was editing them. She’s. The. Literal. BEST.

I have SO MANY favorites, it was impossible to narrow down. And really, the highlight of these photos are all the funny expressions Luca gave us. He’s a photographer’s child to the core. So enjoy my favorites from our maternity session for Baby Doza #2

So basically I’ll be obsessing over these for a long time. I’m so excited to meet our little girl any day soon and even more excited to see Luca with his little sister. This is definitely not how I thought we’d be bringing another baby into the world with a global pandemic but I’m thankful for the little moments we have that I’ll remember and cherish forever.

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Our Maternity Portraits | Baby Mendoza No.2