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When Mary Madison told me about the English Garden vibe for their wedding day in 2022, I think I knew right away that Maymont would be a perfect place for their engagement session. I met Matthew and Mary Madison at Maymont Park in Richmond for their engagement session and I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. We rescheduled our original date on Friday to Sunday to avoid rain and I’m so thrilled it worked out. Maymont was truly showing off with a garden bursting with florals!

Mary Madison was dressed in the prettiest dusty blue wrap dress which is one of her wedding colors and it fit her like a glove and was really the perfect outfit for Maymont. After admiring the florals in the Italian Garden, we headed to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for their second location and I am SO glad they picked the VMFA.

The golden hour was hitting the outdoor areas just right and these two made their session a breeze as they cuddled and laughed and kissed naturally on their own. I cannot wait for their wedding day, I know it’s going to be absolutely beautiful and when your couple just so naturally poses themselves, it just makes my job all the more easier! Matthew and Mary Madison are getting married October 2022 at the Virginia Cliffe Inn and it can’t come fast enough!

But until then, I’ll be enjoying their golden hour Maymont & VMFA engagement session!

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Mary Madison & Matthew | a Golden Hour Engagement Session at Maymont Park & VMFA