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Hold on while I cry a little… my baby is two months old today! 

It feels like he was just born last week ago, not two months! I’m so sad that he’s growing so fast, but at the same time, I’m so excited for all the milestones he’s hitting and all the future milestones we’ll get to. He’s such a light and joy in our lives and as much as I miss sleep, he is, by far, the best thing to ever happen to me. 

So this month:

  • He gained weight at his 6 week appointment, and gained weight since! He’s growing so fast and I can really tell when I lift him up.
  • Smiling on purpose now! Luca used to just smile because of gas but now he’ll look at myself or my husband and smile at us. And it melts. my. heart. every. time. And half the time, I cry when he smiles at me. 
  • He recognizes me as Mama. He knows my voice and recognizes my face. Sometimes he’ll only calm down when I hold him and cuddle him. 
  • He recognizes Daddy’s voice and face! He might still be a little puzzled about the beard, but he knows who Daddy is.
  • Luca likes to look at our husky, Blaze, but he’s still trying to figure out exactly what Blaze is.
  • Blaze has grown fond of Luca! *heart eyes forever* He’ll go up to him in the bouncer, sniff him a little and lick his hand or foot or hair. It’s the sweetest thing. 
  • Slept through the night two days in a row! I haven’t seen that since those two days BUT it was quite heavenly when it happened. Any tips on getting him to do that again? Haha!
  • He can lift his shoulders and head up when on his belly, he looks like he does a baby plank sometimes! He’s doing so good at holding his own head up. 

Luca likes:

  • Mama and Daddy cuddles
  • Shaking his hands at his toys, me, his bottles, anything
  • The ceiling fan (he loves to look at it, not sure what the fascination is there)
  • Grabbing his pacifier in his mouth (* see dislikes)
  • Pulling Mama’s hair
  • Conversations with Daddy

Luca dislikes:

  • Waiting for his bottles
  • 3am
  • That moment when he realizes the pacifier– that he pulled out of his own mouth– is gone
  • Pee pee diapers

He’s given me a run for my money with super easy laid back days and super fussy/nothing will make me happy days. But he is still such a sweetheart and I am so excited for these new milestones! 


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