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Well, three months flew by really quickly.

This month, Luca was here to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my 24th birthday. He’s getting bigger and heavier, he loves to eat! Luca has by far long outgrown newborn and nearly all of his 0-3 month clothes are too snug for him. 3 month clothes fit just perfectly for now, I’m thinking my sweet boy will be in 3-6 months by Easter. It’s just wild how fast he’s growing!

This month, we got to see his little personality start to come through. And he is a funny baby. I’m not sure how babies do it, but they know on the days I have a million and one things to do, that’s the day they decide that naps are overrated and all they wanna do is be in Mama’s arms. Then on days that I don’t have anything better to do, that’s when Luca decides is a good day to sleep all day.

We haven’t been able to sleep through the night all the way yet, but we’re making progress! It was getting there but then the time change happened. The both of us so confused and sleepy threw off our schedule for a few days!

The best things this month:

  • Luca is talking a lot more now! He had a lot to say and it’s just so cute hearing him babbling away
  • He’s making progress on holding his head steady!
  • Blaze, I think, actually likes Luca now. Sometimes I’ll catch Blaze going up to him while he’s napping and sniffing him very gently then he’ll lay down next to the bouncer to nap himself. 
  • We celebrated my 24th birthday and both our families were over so everyone got to see Luca and it was such a fun day!

Luca likes:

  • Playing with his Clip Clop Horse toy
  • His Doctor Octopus toy 
  • Falling asleep in Mama or Daddy’s arms

Luca dislikes:

  • Waking up in his bouncer after falling asleep in Mama or Daddy’s arms
  • Diaper changes

I cannot wait for more milestones this month and his very first Easter! Every holiday and birthday is just so much more special now that we have Luca. Enjoy a three month photo: we have crazy hair this month!


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