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Ten months already. In two months, my sweet baby boy will be ONE YEAR OLD. I cannot believe where the time has gone and it’s so wild to see how fast the time has gone by. This month was full of learning and growth, laughing and tears (mostly from me).

This month Luca…

  • Got his two center teeth in!! Our tooth count is now SIX!
  • Is eating more and more solids and is loving them… minus green beans. Daddy’s mini me but definitely has taste buds like Mama haha!
  • Just this weekend, he learned how to pull himself up to his feet. Luca is STANDING now! I may or may not have cried a little
  • My favorite… spoke his first word which was MAMA! Aaaaaaaaand I definitely cried about that one.

Now that sweet Luca is talking a little, it’s so much fun seeing him play and talk.

He’ll pick up his toy – “Mama!“ Pick up his puffs – “Mama!“ Look at the dog – “Mama!“ Roll around over me and pulling my necklace – “Mama!“

Everything is mama. And my heart can’t even handle it. Seeing him look so grown in his baby blue jeans (size 18mo because he’s got a big booty!) complete with little sneakers… I know before I can blink, he’s going to be running around me.

Everyday is a joy, every smile makes me happy and hearing him go “mama mama mama ma ma mamama mama“ followed by raspberries makes my heart explode. I’m so thankful to be his Mama.


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Luca | Ten Months