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It is so hard for me to wrap around my mind that my baby is HALF A YEAR old today! It feels like he was just born. It feels like I’ve known him forever too. This year has been flying by faster than I’d like but I look forward to all the future milestones he’s hitting.

Luca is so smart. So curious. Bright eyed with a funny personality that’s all his own. It is incredible watching him discover things and what they are, how they work. 

This month, we celebrated Mother’s Day. We attended my sister’s college graduation. Luca waited until the college president was speaking, noone was talking and that was the moment Luca decided he had enough of graduation and started cry/yelling for food. He can sit up and he is so strong with his legs, I feel like as soon as he stands on his own, he may start running instead of walking.

Lately, we’ve been going through another leap which is luckily coming to an end. So it was mood swings galore, waking up every 2.5 hours at night again, wanting only to be held and the fantastic fun moments that comes with going through a leap.

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New things this month:

After this leap passed, we are now mostly sleeping through the night! And the chorus of angels sing HALLELUJAH
We loveeeee to blow raspberries. Sometimes all I hear in the back seat of the car is raspberries.
Luca can roll over both ways!
Getting very vocal. He likes to scream at his toys just to hear himself, I think! He’s happy screaming and it’s just the cutest thing ever.
Getting close to crawling, I can feel it! 
Had our first taste of human food! We had watermelon and Luca was NOT a fan! But we did have apple juice and water one day which he LOVED. We’ll start introducing foods here this month and we are excited for this big step!

I’m just so happy to see him growing so strong and healthy. I can’t believe that in 6 more months, he’ll be ONE YEAR OLD. I’m tearing up a little thinking about how fast this is going by. I’m soaking in every single second of him being little. My phone is now Luca pictures galore and I find myself  hoping people ask me about my baby so I can talk and talk and talk some more about him! He’s the sweetest funniest baby and I love every day of being his Mama.

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Luca | Six Months