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And here we are, late getting it live buuuuuuut Luca’s seven month post is here! 

And what a month it’s been. It’s been full of leaps and growing and so many tears and tantrums. From me, mostly! In all seriousness, Luca has grown so much and we have been hitting milestones like crazy.

This month Luca:

  • Can sit up! Mostly unassisted but he’s got a heavy head so it tends to knock him off balance lol
  • Went to the beach for the first time! He was not a fan.
  • And literally the day after, we began to cut not just one, but TWO teeth! Now he’s got adorable little teeth on the bottom and his smile is just that much cuter.
  • We’re learning how to eat foods! He is a fan of: peas, applesauce, carrot, sweet potato, blueberry. He is NOT a fan of: watermelon and limes.
  • STARTED TO CRAWL!!!! Y’all I am SO excited (and nervous) about this! He can do an army crawl right now, belly on the ground and he can move kind of fast. So now this means I have to keep an extra eye out. He’s gotten a hold of daddy’s shoes, tv remotes, Blaze’s dog toys… if it’s close enough, he’ll go for it! 

He’s going to be crawling with a fast and furious pace soon and then walking and running. And oh boy, help us once he’s stable on those adorable little feet of his. And this is honestly the best I could do this month for his photos. This little boy just wants to be on the move! As soon as I put him on his back, he rolled over. Repeat for 10 minutes until Mama gave up and snapped what I could as fast as possible!


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