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Happy birthday, my sweet boy. 

When I was pregnant, everyone told me to enjoy it, it goes by too fast. When you were born and just weeks old, everyone told me to enjoy it, it goes by too fast. And nothing has been more true. 

You were born Dec 13, 2017 at 8:26pm. You weighed 8lb, 9oz and you were 21 inches long. Your daddy and I have wanted this forever, we wanted our sweet baby and we got you. You are more incredible and more perfect than anything we could’ve ever dreamed of.  

Your start was a little bumpy with a stay in the NICU but your lungs got strong (oh boy, do those work now!) and we went home. We had NO IDEA how to be parents. I mean, we’re still figuring it out haha! But every baby smile melted our hearts. Every milestone you would hit, we were so proud of you. And you grew older and stronger and smarter and boy, you have a personality like no other. You are the best of your Daddy and I and you are my greatest accomplishment. You’re our favorite ever in the history of life and you make us happier than words can even explain. 

You make me a better person. You make me better in every way. And at night I always thank God for giving me you, that he chose ME to be your Mama. It’s the greatest gift in the whole world, and you are my whole world.  

Everyday is an adventure and a joy because you’re in it. I love you more than I have the ability to explain. I pray you continue to grow up smart and strong, kind and funny. Nothing has been better than watching you grow and I’ll live the rest of my life loving and learning from you.

Luca | MJ Mendoza Photography

This past month we…

  • Celebrated Thanksgiving! Mashed potatoes, rolls and veggies were a hit, turkey not so much.
  • learned how to say “more“!
  • still don’t like green beans.
  • Caught the stomach bug which is what we’re dealing with right now but hopefully will be better in a few days!
  • Took pictures with SANTA!!
  • Started to throw temper tantrums…
  • Said DADDY for the first time!! The day before his birthday, he said Daddy and we were so so excited. It’s been “mama“, “baba“, and “more“ so now we can add Daddy to the list too.

I’m excited for this Christmas more than last year since last year I was so tired, with a newborn. Luca was only about 2 weeks old and now he’s old enough to play with his toys! Although I know he’s going to enjoy playing with the boxes, wrapping paper and bows just as much as the toys themselves. Christmas is more fun because of Luca and it’s like I’m viewing it through brand new eyes now that he’s older. I’m very thankful and blessed for this sweet baby boy we have and I can’t wait to see what adventures we get into his second year and how much he’ll grow and learn.

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Luca | One Year Old