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Nine months. I was flipping through photos on my phone and stopped when I stumbled on a photo of Luca at two months old, sleeping peacefully in his bouncer. Where did my tiny baby go?! I can’t believe how much he’s grown. It’s wild to think that in the next handful of months, he’ll be ONE YEAR OLD. And cue the mama tears. But this month Luca did a lot of learning and growing!

This month Luca:

  • Celebrated Grandpa’s birthday. He dug his fingers into the cheesecake and turns out, Luca is just as much of a sweet tooth as his Mama!
  • Celebrated Daddy’s birthday!! And confirmed that yes, we do love cake.
  • We’re crawling fast and furious now. He is SO FAST now and gets into everything in a blink of an eye. Lately, he likes crawling towards Blaze as he’s asleep on the sofa and Luca reaches up and tries to grab Blaze’s paws which scare the poor husky awake haha!
  • Luca can rock back and forth on hands and knees and can reach up for objects now. I know he is eager to stand up seeing his baby friends standing and walking. It won’t be long before he’s up and walking.
  • We fought a small bout of HFM which thankfully was only a handful of small bumps and fussiness. I’m praying he doesn’t get it again or another strand.

I look back at when he was born and our first few photos of Luca were of him in the NICU when he was struggling to regulate his breathing. It was so hard, it was scary watching him not breathing how he should. But I look at him now and I thank God everyday for him. Luca is so strong. So healthy. So smart. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing Luca learning new things and accomplish them. It’s the best thing in the world and I absolutely can’t wait to see him experience the fall and upcoming holidays for the first time. Happy Nine Months my baby.


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