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I procrastinated on this because I couldn’t find Luca’s four month sticker. So here we are, a few days late! I’m even posting today because one year ago today, I found out that I was pregnant! I literally had zero idea. I went to my obgyn to meet her (this was my very first appointment with her since I’d moved to VA) just for a check up and my nurse had asked me the usual “when was your last cycle?” and at the time, I was having irregular cycles and I told her that it’d been a month and a half. She asked if I wanted to do a pregnancy test “just in case” and I said exactly this: sure, but it’s going to be negative.

Well, my doctor came in, introduced herself and the following conversation went down.

Dr: So we got the results back from your test, and it’s positive!

Me: positive for what? (not my brightest thought but at least I didn’t say it out loud!)

Me: What?

Dr: You’re pregnant!

Me: What?

Dr: You. are pregnant.

Me: …Wait, what?

Needless to say, I was extremely shocked. I wasn’t showing any obvious signs, to me. Looking back, I realized the bloat and wild mood swings that I attributed to PMS was actually pregnancy symptoms. Whoops. I found out early in the morning and I went to work on a cloud. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was dying to get home to tell my husband. He called me during my lunch break and asked how my appointment went and it was so incredibly hard not to blurt out “I’M PREGNANT!!!!” but I managed to say “it went good.” I’d ran to Target and bought two baby onesies, a pregnancy test (to double check because still in shock), and an anniversary card because two years ago that day, we had begun dating. We normally don’t celebrate this now that we’re married but I couldn’t resist the perfect opportunity to give him a gift revealing my pregnancy on the day we began dating.

It was THE longest day ever. It was THE longest dinner ever. It was THE longest evening ever. FINALLY I was able to give him his present and it was so so special. It was such a fun reaction. I’d written on the bottom of the card,


 Monica, Blaze and baby Doza (coming Dec 2017)”

So today holds a lot of special memories. The beginning of my relationship with my husband and the day I found out I was expecting. Here we are, one year later and we have the most adorable and funny four month old baby boy.

Luca’s fourth month had us laughing a lot more and me awake a lot more.

Fun things from this month:

  • Luca had one day where he rolled over!! He hadn’t done it since but that one day, all he wanted to do was roll over. Something so small had me so incredibly proud of this little guy.
  • Easter! As the first grandbaby and nephew on both sides, Luca was so spoiled. He got four Easter baskets and gifts galore from the family. Lots of teething toys since it’s on the horizon, the teeth are coming!
  • Spending our Easter with our baby. It was just so special being able to spend time with both our families and with Luca.
  • Mama packed all of his newborn, 0-3, 3 month and most of his 3-6 month clothes. And I only cried a little bit so I was pretty proud of myself. Luca is in 6 month clothes now!
  • We went to the doctor and my chunky baby is 17 lbs, 25 inches tall. He’s a very healthy happy baby.

Luca likes:

  • His new toys that make sounds
  • Chewing on his hand
  • Chewing on anything
  • When Daddy comes home from work

Luca dislikes:

  • Changing his clothes
  • Sleeping through the night
  • When he drops his pacifier or teething toy
  • Waking up from his naps

I can’t wait for next month and what milestones that’ll bring!


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