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Along with Luca turning five months, today is also Mother’s Day! I’m so excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with my sweet little guy. Last year, I was just 8 weeks pregnant and so excited about what Mother’s Day in 2018 would hold. 

Luca is everything I imagined and more. He’s a light and joy in my life. I can’t imagine me without him now that he’s here. Motherhood has absolutely changed me for the better. And I never knew the deep bond between a Mama and her babies. Luca knew me first, he knew my voice first. I knew him first, I grew him and carried him. All the kicks and punches and raging heartburn I endured, that was my baby. 

Yeah Motherhood is sometimes so HARD. A lot of sleepless nights, many tears from the both of us, confusion galore. As soon as I have him figured out, he changes. It’s challenging but so rewarding. So proud when he learned how to roll over. So proud when he was able to hold his head up with minimal wobbling. So proud seeing him sit up. All these milestones that seem so insignificant as an adult but are mind blowing seeing your baby learn them. 

He’s the best of me and his daddy. It’s such an honor being his Mama. I thank God everyday for choosing me to be this little boy’s Mama. 

MJ Mendoza Photography - Virginia Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

This month, Luca has grown by leaps and bounds.
Literally. He’s now wearing 9-12mo clothes. These chunky thighs can only fit in 12month bottoms. And I only teared up when I realized this and had to pack away all clothes under 6 months. 

This month Luca:
Learned how to jump. His grandparents bought him a jumper and he lovesssss it!
Discovered his feet. He’s able to grab them and now he’s all about being able to touch them.
Can sit up in his seater
Wiggles and wiggles and moves around and squirms everywhere

We survived the famous 4 month sleep regression, but it was a rough rough two weeks for us. But we made it through. A tooth is on its way because Luca is showing most of the signs of teething so we’re nervously awaiting the arrival of that first tooth. Any tips or advice on how to make it through, let me know because I know I’ll need it.

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