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Eight months already. I can’t even believe it! I often look back through photos on my phone and find a photo or video of Luca when he was just a few weeks old. So tiny and brand new. And before I even realized it, our sweet baby is the cutest chunky monkey and is growing so so quick!

This month we really focused on foods! And Luca loves to eat, just like his mama! At this point, he eats more fruits and veggies than I do! And we are now learning how to crawl faster, hold our own bottle, can rock on hands and knees and he loves to try to come up and pet Blaze. I am so proud of him and how SMART he is! He’s so observant, he is so curious. I know it won’t be long before we have to start baby proofing top to bottom because I know this little boy is going to start crawling fast and furious and soon walking! And only a couple of weeks since the arrival of his first two teeth, we see that he is starting to get some top teeth! Pray for us again, the teething experience left Mama more sleepy than alert most days haha

This month is going to be great, we’ll be celebrating Daddy’s birthday in September and it’ll be getting closer to fall! I’m so excited to be able to experience fall with Luca. Pumpkin patch trips, his first Halloween, him learning how to walk among the leaves, the cute baby outfits for fall time… I just cannot wait!  

And this month, at least I got a better photo of Luca. He’s still very much super wiggly and refuses to hold still unless he’s napping but I’ll call this a win this month. Happy eight months, my sweet boy. And time, please slow down! I’m not ready for a one year old! 


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Luca | Eight Months