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There’s so many things that go into the most perfect bridal day attire. A gorgeous bridal gown carefully picked by you, you’ve put hours of thought into your shoes, your hairstyle and jewelry. And of course, the veil debate comes along too.

Should you wear a veil or not?

I personally, ADORE a veil on a bride! There’s so many options for veils and ways to style it that you can make it your own.

When most brides picture their wedding day attire, they picture a white gown with gorgeous hair and makeup, delicate and beautiful jewelry all pulled together by a veil. Now there are so many different styles of veils from an elbow length to fingertip all the way down to cathedral for a punch of Wow! Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider adding a veil to your wedding day attire!

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Nowadays, we have 100% left the origins of the veil behind and now brides wear it for the tradition of having a veil on their wedding day. I have some brides who adore all the traditions of a wedding, from the white dress, something old & something borrowed to having a veil. And I can’t blame them at all! Veils can be the perfect addition to your wedding attire and if you love having traditions in your wedding day, I definitely suggest having a veil! Something sentimental can also be wearing a veil that has been passed down your family for years for every bride to wear on her wedding day.


A dress can be simple in style by itself but when you’re standing in your dress on your wedding day with your jewelry and hair perfectly styled… something still feels missing. But when you add a gorgeous chapel length veil, it just pulls it all together and there you are, you feel like a bride!


My favorite reason for saying yes to the veil is because you get some incredibly gorgeous portraits of you with it on! I love it when my brides wear a long veil because I can do the famous veil swoop that my brides dream about! A veil just adds an extra romantic touch to beautiful portraits.


And the great thing is there are so many different options out there! A beautiful cathedral length that is perfect for a veil swoop in portraits. The heirloom veil that was your great grandmother’s and that every bride in your family has worn on their wedding day. A fun quirky birdcage veil that fits the theme of your Roaring 20’s wedding! Beaded, lace edged, simple and elbow length, there are so many different kinds that will look incredibly perfect with your wedding dress! And no matter what you ultimately decide, you will be an absolutely beautiful bride! After all, it’s the bride that makes the dress 😉

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For Brides: Should I Wear A Veil on my Wedding Day?