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When I posted about wanting to do a boudoir session with flowers incorporated into it in my private boudoir facebook group, Kelly stepped up to the plate and loved the vision! We decided to go with a bright color palette for her session and with some classic red roses. She arrived to my studio a little nervous but excited for her session!

I loved getting to chat with her and Nicole, our hair and makeup artist as Kelly was getting pampered and while I prepped the flowers. Soon, she was all glammed up and we started! A little before and after 😉

What I loved most about this Virginia boudoir session was that Kelly truly did it for HERSELF. While her girlfriend gets to enjoy the imagery whenever Kelly decided she wanted to share, her main goal in doing a boudoir session with me was that she was doing it for herself, to celebrate her body and how incredibly badass she is.

Not only was Kelly doing a fun concept that I wanted to try with the florals, hers was actually the FIRST boudoir session in my studio space in Old Towne Petersburg! I couldn’t have asked for a better time, better person than this incredible woman.

And one of the best things (besides seeing Kelly transform from nervous to total rockstar babe) was that she’s allowed me to share all her images! I hope this encourages other women to take the leap and do something for THEMSELVES.

Interested in your own boudoir session (flowers or not)? 😉

Let’s chat about your vision for your own session!

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Floral Infused Virginia Boudoir Session | Ms K.