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It’s unreal how fast time is going. Emy is TWO MONTHS OLD. I think time went by just as quick as it did when Luca was itty bitty but this just feels like I blinked and my newborn baby is now a couple months old.

This month honestly felt like a blur but in the best way. We’re settling into our new routine and I’m trying to enjoy her being little. With Luca, I wasn’t able to breastfeed him due to his breathing problems after birth, NICU stay and the extreme stress, mom guilt, increasing PPD feelings leading me to fully go to formula one month in. So with Emy, I wanted to try breastfeeding this time around but I wouldn’t feel bad if it wasn’t in the cards again. Luca grew big and strong and smart, so so smart. So it wasn’t devastating for me if Emy had to go formula too. But Emy’s been a champ at breastfeeding to my joy and we’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for her two months now!

I’ll admit, it’s very much a roller coaster ride of “I love this bonding and comforting thing for us“ down to “omg get off my boobs please it’s been over an hour!“ But I do mostly enjoy it. Emy’s growing so well, her cheeks are getting rounder and her legs are starting to get those adorable rolls!

I just had to pack away her newborn clothes and I definitely felt some type of way about it. I’m going to miss those tiny newborn clothes but I’m thrilled to put her in bigger clothes as she grows.

And a big success: Emy’s been sleeping 6 hour stretches at night!!! I’ll feed her early morning then she’ll go right back to sleep for another good amount of time! It’s such a thrill for me and I’m enjoying EVERY SINGLE SECOND of sleep while it lasts. Luca woke up every 1.5-3 hours from the time he was born until he was 7 months old so for Emy to be sleeping that long is a sweet surprise.

Anyways, onto this month’s faves & hates!

Emy loves:

  • Milkies

  • Sleeping (Mama loves this too)

  • Looking at the ceiling fan

  • Her swing

  • Mama & Daddy snuggles

Emy hates:

  • Being naked

  • Waiting on milkies

  • Pacifiers (4 brands later and no go)

  • Bathtime

I’m ready and not ready to see how she grows. I’m trying really hard to enjoy every single baby moment while she’s little.




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