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One year old today. I cannot believe my sweet baby girl is one year old. It’s been such a wild and crazy year and I have no idea where the time has gone. It’s definitely bittersweet because let’s be real: 2020 wasn’t the greatest. BUT it did give me the greatest gift in Emy.

Y’all, I love this girl. My heart and soul needed this girl and I didn’t know it until I met her, one year ago today.

The pregnancy was a rough one and I’ll be totally honest: I didn’t want to be pregnant and I didn’t enjoy pregnancy. I struggled with prenatal depression and I wasn’t feeling like myself the whole time so I was scared for what would happen after she made her arrival.

And on June 3rd, at 12:54pm, I met the most beautiful soul and sweetest little girl.

It was a Cinderella moment, I felt like myself again and I had so much love in my heart for that beautiful little girl in my arms. Labor and delivery and recovery was so easy, so natural, almost effortless (as far as postpartum life goes!) and she was perfect.

It’s been the best thing seeing this little girl go from tiny squishy newborn, to curious wide eyed baby to now a whole year old joyful girl.

Her personality is so sweet and she’s just such a happy baby. Luca was more curious and loud and fiery, Emy is the flip side: sweet, joyful, calm. She adores her big brother and her furry brother and I know the three of them will all be keeping me on my toes as Luca’s little partner gets more mobile!

This month was fun, we went to the lake for the very first time and went on the boat for the first time! She fell asleep on Daddy’s chest within 2.5 seconds of the boat moving on the water and I can’t say I blame her

Her Faves and Hates for this month are…

Emy Loves

  • Wake Up Wraps from Dunkin Donuts

  • Blaze

  • Eating

  • Touching EVERYTHING

Emy Hates

  • Bows and hats

  • When we run out of milk or yogurt

  • the Nose Frida

  • When Mommy walks away from her

She is such a funny, sweet, beautiful soul and I cannot get enough of this girl. Her laugh is infectious, my dimples definitely look way better on her cheeks than on me, her personality is fun to see as she becomes sassy and particular about certain things.

I’m thankful to be her mama and I cannot wait to see how she grows and what her interests will be, what her personality will be like and all the memories we’ll make together. Happy first birthday, my Emy.

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