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I didn’t realize how much my heart needed Emy. Everytime I look at her, she melts my heart more. And her smiles make my day that much better. She’s such a bright spot in an otherwise challenging year. 

Three months in and we’re still as obsessed with her as we were on Day one. She’s getting more and more alert which is so fun! It’s crazy seeing the difference between my two babies. Luca was so bright and observant when he was little, he was always looking around and watching. Emy is more smiley, always happy. 

This month she’s gotten better at holding her head up, she smiles a LOT and I know she is so close to laughing. Emy has been spending more time awake and alert with her cute legs kicking away. She’s in 3 month clothes with her 0-3 month clothes snug but I’m not quite ready to accept that she’s outgrown them quite yet!

Sleep has been a roller coaster this month. She’ll sleep through the night from 10pm to 5am and the last few days she’s been up every 2-3 hours to eat! I’m never sure what the night will look like every night but she’s growing so big and strong it’s not TOO awful haha!

This month’s faves and hates:

Emy Hates:

  • Waiting on milkies

  • Being put in her bassinet while awake

Emy Loves:

  • Falling asleep while eating

  • Daddy talking to her

  • Looking at everything

  • Mama kisses on her cheeks

There’s really not a lot she hates, she’s overall such a happy and content baby! I hope she never loses that sweet personality. My camera roll is now full of photos of all her sweet little smiles and I can’t bring myself to delete a single happy Emy photo! I thought I couldn’t be more excited about fall with Luca but I’m doubly excited now that Emy’s here. Bring on all the fun fall things like pumpkin carving, planning the cutest fall outfits (I am LIVING for this girl mom life) and all the holidays coming up.

2020 may be challenging but sweet girl, you are the brightest, most incredible thing to come from this year.




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