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Another month down and only two until she’s ONE!

This month was a fun one and I’m so enjoying being able to bring Emy outside to soak in some sun (super cute SPF bucket hat on and all) and the spring baby clothes absolutely kill me.

Emy is still not crawling and tummy time is usually not her favorite but she’s starting to be okay with hanging out on her tummy. I honestly feel like she might just skip crawling and go straight to standing and walking! She’s a little rollie pollie and she’d be so content to just roll all over the floor, grabbing any toys she can.

Sleep is an on and off struggle this month. After a couple weeks of finally sleeping 7/8pm-7/8am, she’s been waking up at totally random times at night. Midnight, 2:30am, 5am… there’s no rhyme or reason to it but she’s waking up at least once or twice a night.

On the teeth front, I’m anticipating a top tooth to come through this month but she’s still got just the two little bottom teeth for now and she is definitely using them to munch on her favorite foods and to bite me occasionally

I look at her and I’m surprised at how big she’s getting already. Sweet chunky thighs, a round belly and the squishiest chubby cheeks! My camera roll has so many of her dimpled smiles and grins. Emy is just such a happy baby girl and I can’t believe she’ll be one soon.

I’m already planning her cake smash and I cannot wait!

Now for the month’s faves and hates:

Emy Hates

  • When clothes go over her head

  • Her sun hat

  • Being t-rex roared at 🙁

  • Bubbles (?) Luca was blowing bubbles and Emy wasn’t happy about it but we’ll see!

Emy Loves

  • FOOD. Any and all food, there’s very few foods she won’t eat.

  • Milkies for bedtime

  • Grabbing for Luca’s toys (he is NOT a fan)

  • Bathtime!


I’m excited for spring and summer with this sweet girl. We’ve been enjoying walks in our neighborhood, playing outside. I can’t wait to enjoy warm days, splashing in Luca’s kiddie pool and summer barbeques. All these fun milestones coming up but I’m trying to soak in every moment of her baby phases while I can.




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