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SIX MONTHS. Oh my sweet girl, where has the time gone? In a blur of a year, Emy’s somehow reached her half birthday and if I think about it too long, I may cry.

Six months of figuring out how to navigate the transition to two kids, breastfeeding, Emy’s quirks and personality with Luca’s wild toddler moments, plus wife life, house life, full time photographer life all in the midst of a pandemic. Phew! But through it all, my sweet Emy has been the biggest blessing and joy.

This month was a big month for Emy girl! This month we…

  • met Uncle David for the first time! (More on that below)

  • rolled back to tummy!!!!

  • sitting up mostly unassisted

  • had our first Thanksgiving

Busy and fun month! My brother David is in the military and we don’t get to see him often as he was stationed literally across the country and was deployed. With covid, it pushed his leave back more and more and more and wait for it… more. So he finally got the all clear to move to his new duty station (on the East Coast WOOOO!!!) and we got to see him for a few days before he had to get there. So he got to see Luca again (Luca had been around my brother a total of three times) and he got to meet Emy for the first time! And Emy isn’t really big on strangers. She’ll just look at them wide-eyed. But when she met her Tio David for the first time, she SMILED so big and it was so so sweet. She never smiles for strangers (or people in general) but she smiled meeting David. It was probably the highlight of my month, not gonna lie.

We also accomplished a milestone of rolling back to tummy although she did NOT like it at all. She hates tummy time meanwhile Luca loved it! But Emy is really great at sitting almost unassisted which is so exciting to me!

And of course, we had our first Thanksgiving with our two kids. I love getting to include her in our family traditions and even make new traditions… like matching Christmas jammies for the kids!

Anyways, onto this month’s Faves and Hates 🙂

Emy Hates:

  • Sleeping through the night while teething

  • Waiting on boob

  • Being put down after falling asleep eating

Emy Loves

  • Looking and laughing at Luca’s silliness

  • Tummy kisses and tickles

  • Milkies!

  • Sticking our tongue out at everything and everyone

Another big month coming up here! Now that she’s 6 months, we can start EATING! I’m still blown away that my baby is old enough to start eating. We’re still breastfeeding and I’m so thankful we made it this far when I couldn’t make it to a month with Luca. But still going strong and getting big and chunky!

And of course, CHRISTMAS! Christmas jammies for the kids, starting new traditions together, including her in our old traditions and seeing what other milestones she’ll accomplish this month.

Happy 6 months/half birthday baby girl!




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