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7 months already! The months are rolling into a sweet blur of many exhausting nights with days full of baby giggles and cuddles. Our Emy girl is getting so big and I’m never ready when I look at the calendar and realize she’s turning another month older!

This month was a really fun one with Christmas! It was the first one where Luca really understood the concept of opening presents and while Emy is too little to understand the holidays, we’ve started making traditions with our kids. 

As for Emy, we started eating real food! She is NOT a fan of almost every food we tried but she enjoyed sweet potato, cantaloupe and strawberry the best so far. Avocado was a huge disgusted face but I’m hoping that changes in the future!

And she’s sleeping in her own bed and room now which helps me get a little more sleep as Emy self soothes to sleep although the past week has been full of nursing her and she’ll fall asleep then wake up the second I put her in her crib. The struggle and caffeine addiction is real over here yall. But that might be because…

Her first tooth is coming through!!! I can see and feel her first bottom tooth making it’s way up and I know it’ll be here soon! 

Emy is sitting so so well mostly unassisted and now grabs toys with two hands to bring to her mouth. She’s such a happy baby (despite the teething) and I couldn’t be more in love with this sweet girl. 

And Luca for the most part has been indifferent with Emy. He acknowledges her and helps me with her but doesn’t actively play with her… while I’m watching! I was putting clothes away when I heard Luca laughing which could either be really good or really bad. I sneak down the hallway and see him playing with Emy in her play mat and he was hugging her and tickling her belly like we do and she was just laughing, kicking and giggling. It was such a sweet sweet moment seeing Luca play and love on his baby sister. 

Emy Hates

  • Shots at the Doctor

  • Getting ROAR-ed at by Luca

  • Avocado

  • Poopy diapers

Emy Loves

  • Milkies, as always

  • Pulling Mama’s hair while eating

  • Luca

  • Belly tickles

I absolutely couldn’t get a smile out of Emy this month, she’s just so wide eyed and curious and not impressed by my baby voice anymore. But she’s still got the sweetest chubbiest cheeks and legs, getting a cute round belly and her pursed lips are always a favorite of mine!




Here’s to 7 months! I know every baby is different but I’m really hoping she’ll start to sleep through the night like Luca did at 7 months! Fingers crossed but until then, it’s surviving and thriving off coffee! 😉

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