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One month. It’s been one month already with our sweet girl and it flew by so much faster than it did with Luca! 

This month has been survival mode and not what I expected. How often does one welcome a new baby into the world during a pandemic? So between navigating new things I never had to deal with with Luca, going from one kid to two and dealing with covid-19, this month absolutely flew by!

I was determined to make breastfeeding work this time around and I’m more aware of my own mental health after a struggle with breastfeeding/pumping and worsening PPD during my first couple months with Luca. 

Thankfully, we had such an easy recovery and I mentally and emotionally feel so much better this time around! Emy has been great at feeding minus some initial latch issues in the first few days so I’m beyond thrilled to get to have this experience with her. 

So highlights of this month:

-seeing Luca as a big brother! I was really nervous about this because he is a really big Mama’s Boy and doesn’t like to share me even with Daddy! But he is so sweet with his sister and loves to help me with her pacifier and blankets and diapers. During car rides when Emy starts crying, I’ll see him wave his hand at her from his car seat and he’ll say “kayyy, kayyy” telling her it’s okay he also loves to hold his sister, which I was pleasantly surprised about. I cannot wait to see how they interact with each other as Emy gets bigger. 

-making it one month breastfeeding! I’m really proud to make it one month and I’m so hopeful to continue breastfeeding her. It’s a roller coaster of emotions for sure ranging from “Aw I love this!” To “omg you’ve been on my boobs for over an hour get off”

-seeing Vicente love on his baby girl. She’s definitely got daddy wrapped around her little finger and I can’t even blame him. She’s such a sweetheart!

Emy loves:

-eating! She’s all about the boob and milk life 

-sleeping normally not a bad thing at all! But I sometimes struggle with keeping her awake during feeds because this little one loves to sleep! She’s sleeping 3-5 hour stretches at night which I’m so thankful for especially since her big brother woke up every 2 hours when he was a baby

-daddy cuddles

-being swaddled

Emy doesn’t like:


-being naked

-waiting for food


We’re so thankful that she’s so strong and healthy, She’s growing so quickly already and I both need time to slow down but also cannot wait to see her when she’s bigger so she can be more interactive with Luca! Looking forward to the future while trying to soak in every little newborn snuggle.




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