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Here we are again, another month in the books and I cannot believe it’s already March.

Not going to lie, I’m still processing last March! It was the last couple weeks before life changed pretty drastically and honestly sometimes I sit down and I really cannot believe that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic, mask wearing is a new normal, social distancing is a thing, I really was pregnant and had a baby during a pandemic.

Like, WHAT?

But phew I’m glad that at least the pregnancy is behind me. Emy is so much more fun on the outside of me versus the inside but this little girl has thrown me for a loop this month!

We have two little bottom teeth and she is so stinking cute with her teeth. She’s such a great eater and I’m learning (and so is she) what her favorites are and what foods she’s not a huge fan of. She’s also bitten me a handful of times while nursing and I’m definitely not a huge fan of that. But Emy is so sweet otherwise and such a light and joy.

This month Emy has tried new foods, woken up every 2.5-3 hours during the worst of the sleep regression and after a particularly rough weeknight when EVERYBODY in the house was awake at 2am, Vicente agreed to help me on the weekend to take care of Emy during those night wake ups so I could get some consecutive hours of sleep. I was literally just asking for at least 5 hours of sleep. The week dragged by with Emy waking up several times at night and finally the weekend! Vicente stayed up late to get Emy when she woke up and… Emy slept through the night for the first time in MONTHS. Naturally, of course. Maybe it was a one time fluke. But she slept through the night the whole entire weekend. I celebrated and thought “we must be over it now!“ and Sunday night came, Vicente went to bed early for his early morning work routine and this girl decided to wake up several times again during the night.

My kids live to troll me.

Mostly kidding but honestly Anyways, after that one night, Emy has decided to start sleeping through the night! I now get to sleep 8+ hours! CONSECUTIVELY. UNINTERRUPTED. I don’t even know WHAT changed or what happened but I’m not questioning it, I’m just enjoying it and praying and praying that it lasts.

So that was the biggest change this month, going from waking up every 3 hours to sleeping through the night! I’m so thankful, ya girl really was missing a good night’s sleep.

We’re still not crawling yet and tummy time is still a struggle but she’s so great at her pincher grasp and eating solid foods like a champ! Luca was the opposite and I know every kiddo hits milestones at different times. Plus I know it’s only going to be a blink of an eye and then she’s going to be running and I’ll be chasing two kids instead of just one.

Now onto this month’s Faves and Hates!

Emy Hates:

  • Clothes going over her head (like onesies. She HATES it)

  • When Mama walks away from her

  • Rice. Not a fan.

  • Poop

Emy Loves:

  • Grilled Cheese (girl can tear up a grilled cheese)

  • Belly Kisses

  • Eating

  • Blaze

I’m excited to see what this month holds for our sweet girl. This year for my birthday I’ll get to have Emy with me instead of being pregnant. And I’m already looking towards her one year birthday! Already scheduled her cake smash session (ignoring the fact we never got newborn photos thanks to covid, only slightly salty) and it’s something I absolutely cannot wait for!

Happy 9 months my girl!




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