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FOUR months! Just last week, a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with this little one. It came as a complete surprise but she is one of the best surprises ever. I can’t imagine life without our sweet Emy. The pregnancy absolutely dragged on and on but the past four months have absolutely flown by.

So many big changes for Emy! We’re not sleeping as well anymore, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression is incoming but she’s such a cheerful baby, it’s not too bad. Emy has grown so big! Her 3 month clothes are now entering the too-snug phase and I put her in a cute 6 month size top that fit her and it’s fine, I’ll just be crying as I pack away her too small clothes again.

This month we got to celebrate Daddy’s birthday, and enjoyed walks as the weather started cooling down! I cannot wait for this month! It’s been a small challenge trying to figure out what the kids will dress up as on Halloween or when the best time for a pumpkin patch trip would be with these two kiddos! But I am so excited for the holidays and falltime. Emy also discovered her hands this month and when she’s not eating, chances are her hands are in her mouth despite the teething toys I try to give her haha!

Now onto this month’s faves and hates! There’s honestly not a lot she hates, or even dislikes. Emy is such a happy baby!

Emy Hates:

  • Being put down after falling asleep while eating

  • that’s about it

  • she’s a happy baby 🙂

Emy Loves:

  • Falling asleep while eating (still)

  • looking at Daddy

  • Chewing on her hands

Happy 4 months my sweet girl. I cannot wait to see how big you grow this month, what new skills and milestones you’ll reach and how stinking adorable you’re going to be in your Halloween costume this year!




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