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It say it every time but only because it’s the most true thing: Emy is the best thing about my 2020. Today is Election Day and in a year that has been full of challenges and plot twists and on this particular day that feels so anxious and breathtaking, I am that much more grateful for this beautiful little girl.

Emy is such a gift to us. Her sweet happy personality is the zen in my days and her smile makes my heart so happy. She’s getting so big and I can definitely tell in my sleepy non-existent arm muscles when I lift her out of her bed during the night when she wants to eat. On a recent trip to the doctor, I found out she’s 14 lb, 14 oz! She’s since outgrown 3 month clothes and 3-6 mo clothes are about to be a thing of the past too. Emy fits comfortably in 6 month and even 9 month clothes! My mama heart isn’t ready for the bigger clothes!

Some highlights of the month were laughing and sticking our tongue out at Mama and Daddy when Emy’s happy. Watching Luca play nearby. Emy loves her big brother. It’s so sweet, she smiles whenever Luca plays near her and while Luca isn’t very interested in Emy (he much prefers his toy dinosaurs at this point!), she absolutely loves watching him. I know she’s going to be his shadow when she’s older and she’ll be his partner in crime.

We’re still waking up throughout the night and going 5 months strong on our breastfeeding journey which I am SO proud of! It’s been challenging for sure but I’m so thankful I get to do this with Emy since I couldn’t with Luca. Emy is pretty unpredictable when it comes to her sleep at night. Some nights, she’ll sleep from 10pm until 6am. Some other nights, she’ll wake up once. Or twice. I can never tell but it is nice being able to get a good stretch of sleep on the nights she does only wake up once or sleeps through!

So for this month’s Faves & Hates!

Emy Hates:

  • When I pull her off one boob to switch. BIG MAD.

  • Waiting on her milkies

  • Pacifiers when Mama tries to give them

  • Tummy time longer than 5 minutes

Emy Loves:

  • Milkies

  • Her clip clop horse toy

  • Watching football with Daddy

  • Tickles on her tummy

Thanksgiving is coming up this month and I am SO excited to include her in our family traditions and introducing our kids to holiday traditions and sharing our love for Christmas with them. Plus I think we’ll be starting food in December if she’s ready so I’m looking forward to that big milestone!




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