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My sweet sweet girl is 8 months old! Everyday is so fun and I’ll say it over and over, I never knew how much my heart needed Emy. Gosh I adore this girl. 

It was a big month for Miss Emy and some growing pains. Emy is eating food now and she enjoys sweet potato but not regular potato. She likes bananas but isn’t fond of blueberries. Pot roast is great but chicken is meh. And grilled cheese is LIFE. I wasn’t anticipating her to like it but she gummed all her pieces and was looking to munch on my sandwich too! 

She’s officially got one little tooth! I can feel the second tooth right next to it budding but her one tooth is out and about. I got bit once while nursing Emy and it wasn’t my favorite moment by far haha! 

We’re still breastfeeding like a champ and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. One month of physical struggles, frustrations, tears on tears and a spiraling mental health situation caused my breastfeeding journey to end with Luca just one month in and I went into this pregnancy ready to try again but also ready to be gentle with myself and accepting if we had to use formula again, that it wasn’t a big deal. Shockingly for me, we figured it out and we’re still going strong!

But I’m definitely looking forward to the one year mark so I can wean Miss Emy I love her more than words but I also enjoy not being the main source of nutrition for a whole entire human. 

Emy is about 15lb and is outgrowing her adorable 6 month outfits to my dismay Luca was already in 12 month clothes by 8 months but Emy is still able to wear 6 month clothes but not for much longer! I’m only going to be slightly teary when I have to pack away her clothes she’s outgrown. 

Anyways, we’re not crawling much yet and tummy time is Emy’s nemesis but I know we’ll get there! She’s sitting unassisted and really well without being wobbly. She can pick up objects and she’s just so funny. And as always, she’s still such a naturally happy baby. Luca was definitely my crier and RBF baby

Now for this month’s faves and hates!

Emy hates:

  • Being put down after being held (clinger status)

  • Clothes going over her head

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Tummy time

Emy Loves:

  • Looking at herself in the mirror

  • Milkies & scratching me while nursing 

  • Grilled cheese & quesadillas

  • A very specific Twinkle twinkle little star video




Im still amazed this sweet girl is mine. She’s really such a joy and she’s my best little friend. I can’t wait for all the fun well have when she’s older but I’m enjoying kissing on those adorable chunky cheeks, hearing her laugh squeals and all the baby moments I know I’ll miss when she’s older.

And as a little bonus, Luca finally let me take a photo of him and Emy (after much begging and bribery of a cookie) and I’ll treasure this one forever


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