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The last of the 2021 recap series and definitely a fun one to go through! It’s not easy behind the scenes but it sure is fun and oh, so extremely rewarding. I’m not the only vendor working hard to make a wedding day flow perfectly & smoothly and I’m thankful for having worked with the best vendors in 2021. And my second photographers, they’re in a whole new league with being incredible photographers and grabbing these BTS shots as a bonus. Love you guys!

Now enjoy a peek at the controlled chaos, mess and funny faces behind the scenes of weddings in 2021.

Forever fluffing dresses.

And forever carrying the trains happily.

Shout out to my second photographer here, Ashley for coming in clutch with the portable fan on this seemingly million degree August day!

My literal photographer other half, Heather creating the prettiest flatlays with groom details!

Amateur cake cutter director.

Always fluffing the dress. Thank you Kristina! <3

We literally never ever get photos together because one of us is taking photos always so thank you Jamie <3

Working with videographers: awesome!

Working with TALL videographers: even better! 🙂

Blocking the sun making my photos hazy and coming in for the bouquet detail photo!

I’m pretty sure Ben said something very sweet to Ashley and went in for a quick kiss and I’m just “awww!”

And one last photo with TWO MJMP Couples! This was so fun, Shirley & Jedi got married in September. Jad was a groomsman in Jedi’s wedding and later in October, Jad & Julia got married and Jedi was his best man! We didn’t grab a photo at Julia and Jad’s wedding but we all hugged and had fun seeing each other again!

I wish I was able to grab more photos with my couples this past year but it was such a blast at everyone’s weddings and during a hard year, each wedding was such a bright spot and were the highlights of the year.

Thank you to every couple that I got to celebrate and work with (several originally 2020 couples with postponed weddings!) and every wedding vendor that made each wedding day a dream.

2021 was such a fun wedding year and I can’t wait to see what 2022 holds.

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