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This year’s blog posts looks a little different than 2019’s Behind the Scenes post. I never imagined getting into my car, ready to leave and confident that I have everything I need for a wedding day then running back inside to grab a mask.

This wedding season meant buying masks dedicated to wearing on wedding days and being extra careful from packing lysol wipes to wipe down my gear, hand sanitizer several times during the day and becoming used to wearing the mask at all times. I was also fresh out of maternity leave when I got back to weddings so that added another layer of craziness bringing a pump, bottles, snacks and extra drinks to stay hydrated.

What a wild wild ride 2020 was. Pumping during weddings, wearing a mask, packing myself lunch to make sure I knew how my food was handled just in case I felt uncomfortable, helping brides plan safe weddings through a pandemic.

Still, I had an amazing time and though sometimes you couldn’t tell behind my mask, I was laughing and smiling through the day. Enjoy some peeks at behind the scenes during 2020!

Thankful for every wedding I got to do in 2020 and I’m so looking forward to my 2021 weddings! I can’t wait to shoot alongside of my favorite photographers, have a lot more of my funny faces to laugh at later while editing and enjoying all the fun memories from each wedding day.

Maybe with less rain, more laughs and more coordinating mask outfits.

Here’s to 2020 weddings to remember and 2021 weddings to come!

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