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I had a good laugh going through photos for this one, ya’ll. Weddings are so beautiful and full of joy and laughter and it’s always so rewarding. Behind the pretty photos are a hard working team of vendors that make literal magic happen and it’s always so fun remembering the controlled chaos of the wedding day and being so proud of the hard work put in to make the bride & groom’s day AMAZING.

Looking back at all the photos taken behind the scenes over the year has reminded me that photographers wear so many different hats and juggle ALL the things. I feel like as a wedding photographer, my resume ‘s skills section would include:

Professional dress fluffer & veil adjuster, expert in bustling various bustles, amateur golf cart driver, boutonniere pinner, excels at buttoning 50+ tiny buttons on bridal dresses, champagne pourer & sparkler lighter, bridal party wrangler and a lot more.

A lot of coffee, hard work, and love for my couples went into this wedding season and I’m excited to share the Behind the Scenes 2019!

Sometimes running a business feels like this…

But it often is really like this!

The moment you have an all white, all the natural light, perfectly amazing bridal suite for getting ready photos!

I don’t always look concerned at weddings. Testing where the sun is and finding it by the squinting/I’m going blind face on the left and a “let’s get this First Look started!“ on the right!

And of course, there’s my photography other half Heather killing the portrait game!

“And we’re just going to put our flowers together real close, like this“

Holder of suit jackets and wedding day fanny pack fan. I’ll never shoot a wedding without my spider holster/fanny pack combo!

And of course I’m not the only one working hard behind the scenes!

But we do stop every once in awhile for a little fun 🙂

Common phrase said at almost every wedding: Ok ya’ll are gonna keeeeeeep scooting in! And some more now”

Testing flash power and it literally made my night when Cameron insisted on taking a photo with me. I have the best brides ever, for real.

I’m basically guaranteed to have been saying “Oh my gosh you guys, this looks AMAZING!!!!!“

The pretty detail photos often come from the floor near a window with all my stuff scattered around it. Details are some of my absolute favorite parts of the day!

Fun fact about this wedding: the bride, Cindy was my high school colorguard captain!! I’ve known her since 2010 (I feel SO old) and I probably cried about 5 times at her wedding. I literally couldn’t have been happier for Cindy & Brett. Best day ever!

When your introductions are in 7 minutes, the bridesmaids are caught by guests in cocktail hour or can’t figure it out, here comes your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer to bustle your dress in no time flat.

Making sure the veil looks PERFECT at all times

Ending the year with this sweet December couple! And showing them a peek behind the camera because their portraits had me beyond excited about the gorgeousness!

I loved working every single wedding and this definitely didn’t capture all the fun moments and downtime but it shows a little of the work that goes behind every wedding day. From sharing a laugh with other vendors and getting to hug my bride & groom to wish them congrats, I LOVE my job and I’m so thankful for all the amazing couples I got to serve this year and the incredible vendors I got to work alongside with.

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Behind the Scenes 2019