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After you officially book your Richmond VA boudoir session, you’ll probably head to Pinterest (and I actually encourage this!) to look for ideas, inspiration for outfits and themes and the aesthetic of your boudoir session. And sometimes, this includes incorporating props into your session.

Now let me start off with these are MY opinions. Cause I might have an unpopular opinion in here 👀

Props for your boudoir session, I am ALL about props and stylizing your session. That is my jam, it brings me joy. Wedding details and flatlays are easily one of my favorite things about weddings, I adore the little details and adding things that are sentimental, unique and special to you.

Which leads me to an issue: a lot of boudoir sessions have some pretty cheesy props. There, I said it.

I’m sure if you’ve ever thought about a boudoir session, you went on Pinterest and took a look around and saw a lot of cheesy af photos. A dude’s football jersey. Uniforms (looking at us, military spouses.) Long strings of pearls to hook on a stiletto high heel.

Very male gaze-y and very kinda 2000’s cringe.

Let me explain why I don’t like these things:

Uniforms and jerseys both for the same reason: they do nothinggggg for your figure.  Your beautiful lovely curves, the softness of your skin, covered up by an oversized men’s jersey or uniform. Example: If you’re wanting to incorporate sports as a surprise to your sports obsessed significant other, by all means let’s do it! But let’s replace the jersey with a woman’s fit t-shirt or tank top. Something we can crop (think: underboob crop) and get wet so it clings do your body… your significant other can thank me later 🔥 And the long string of pearls? If that isn’t your style, don’t do it. And we’re not gonna hook it onto your high heel either. 

Now let’s talk the good stuff now that my hot take is out there. The five non-cheesy props you could include for your boudoir session! 😍

vintage clothing – imagine a boujie chiffon dressing robe from the 70’s. A vintage  feather jacket! A slip that leaves a little to the imagination. Vintage clothes and accessories are a fun way to jazz up your boudoir session!

flowers – incorporate a fresh element into your session with florals. Honestly, Christian Dior said it best: After women, flowers are the most divine creation. Make a flower crown, use it as a bouquet, wear the flowers on your body…

bedsheets – give me one white bedsheet and we have a whole entire set of images to create! Show as much or as little as you want with a bedsheet 🔥

bridal attire – it’s my love of weddings but I adore bridal boudoir sessions. Enjoy being a bride and celebrate it! A veil is the perfect accessory, white lingerie, a bouquet, close ups of your engagement ring…

food & drink – sipping champagne in bed, sunglasses on, reading the New York Times and a towel wrapped on your head. It’s a whole vibe. Or take it a fun route and enjoy a slice of pizza in bed. Go sensual and drip honey on the goodies. It can be as classy or as sensual as you want.

We can add in props to your heart’s content. If you have a mood or vibe or aesthetic you want, we’ll brain storm together to see if there’s anything we can add in to make your dream boudoir session a reality.

Make it true to YOU. Boudoir is for you, friend. It may be a gift for a special someone but ultimately, it’s a gift and experience for you to enjoy. Want to create your own custom fine art boudoir session? Let’s talk and bring life to your dreams!

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5 Non-Cheesy Props for your Boudoir Session